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About Us

Telimed emerged from the experiences of two naturopaths facing challenges in their industry. Recognising a gap in the market, they envisioned a platform catering to holistic health modalities that not only support practitioners but also serves as a comprehensive resource for patients seeking alternative health solutions.

Our mission is to curate a vast directory of dedicated holistic health professionals committed to enhancing people's well-being. Simultaneously, we aim to offer patients a centralised hub where they can effortlessly search, explore, and connect with the ideal practitioner to address their health needs.

“Made by health professionals for health professionals”


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"I gotta say, Telimed's fancy filters are like a secret weapon in the health coach hunt. Seriously, finding the right one for me was a breeze. I could check out their qualifications, experience, and prices without breaking a sweat. It's like nowhere else

"The whole experience was remarkably easy. Telimed's platform is intuitive and user-friendly, making the process stress-free. My practitioner's expertise exceeded expectations. Telimed has not only simplified my healing journey but has also set a new stan

"Telimed has made the process of finding a top-notch practitioner, booking a convenient time, and having a video consult an absolute breeze. The platform's user-friendly design and efficient features stood out, creating an experience that I feel compelled

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