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Telimed emerged from the experiences of two naturopaths facing challenges in their industry. Recognising a gap in the market, they envisioned a platform catering to holistic health modalities that not only support practitioners but also serves as a comprehensive resource for patients seeking alternative health solutions.

Our mission is to curate a vast directory of dedicated holistic health professionals committed to enhancing people's well-being. Simultaneously, we aim to offer patients a centralised hub where they can effortlessly search, explore, and connect with the ideal practitioner to address their health needs.

“Made by health professionals for health professionals”

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Our Mission

Telimed aspires to be the premier, most trusted and innovative online platform for holistic healthcare, connecting dedicated practitioners and patients for telehealth consultations. Our mission is to curate a vast directory of committed holistic health professionals, offering patients easy access to superior services in a centralised hub for their specific health needs.

Our Vision

To simplify the process of finding a holistic healthcare professional, to bridge the gap between patient and practitioner, and simultaneously support business growth and the work-life balance for holistic health care professionals.

Meet The Founders

Lawrence and Kylie, seasoned Naturopathic practitioners, encountered a challenging juncture in their careers when they were faced with a limited array of job prospects within their industry. This observation extended to various other holistic health modalities, where practitioners faced the challenge of building their consultation businesses due to a lack of available positions.

Recognising the common hurdles of high clinic overheads and the complexities of self-marketing, Lawrence and Kylie saw a trend of holistic health professionals struggling to establish themselves, manage and grow or achieve financial stability. Simultaneously, there remained a consistent demand for health advice and
Specialised practitioners. Motivated by this observation, they embarked on a mission to address this industry-wide challenge and create a solution that would be mutually beneficial for both practitioners and individuals seeking expert guidance across various holistic health modalities.

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