Your practitioner will reach out to you through the platform video call when it is time for your appointment. Make sure you are logged in and head to your upcoming sessions or chat centre and look for the video call icon.

You will be able to send your practitioner a message up to 2 days before and 5 days after your consultation. This is to make sure you have received any documentation you need for the consultation beforehand, and to make sure you receive any treatment plans or documents after the consultation. If you have any queries within the 5 days post your consultation feel free to message your health care professional. Once it's been over the 5 days post your consultation you will need to rebook in with them.

Not to worry if you get disconnected from your video call. Just make your way back to your patient log in and you’ll be able to get back into your call, just click the video call icon in your upcoming sessions or chat centre and you’ll be let back in.

Please put a request in via the contact us page, we are always bringing on new practitioners, coach types and instructors so any requests are welcomed.

You can reach out to the help desk via the contact us page and we will contact your practitioner.

Unfortunately, if you cancel or did not show up to an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment time, the fee is non-refundable.

Telimed uses a secure checkout with Stripe, we accept credit or debit cards only.

The minimum qualification is a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). You will also need to be registered with an association and insured.

In the case of an emergency or life threatening situation, please call your local emergency services number (for example, 000).

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